Lord Of The Root VM Walkthrough

for the Lord Of The Root VM hosted on Vulnhub from KookSec.

With this VM, nmap scans shows we only have port 22 (ssh) open, but with a clue to unlock more:

In the banner shown above, the word “Knock” and 3 numbers gives us an instruction for port-knocking, so we target ports 1,2, and 3 in sequence and then do another nmap scan:

nmap -r -Pn -p 1,2,3

And here we can see that port 1337 has opened. This turns out to be a http port, so we access it through the web browser:

The source for robots.txt has this comment:


In base64 this decodes to:


With that ‘=’ padding telling us it’s encoded again, so this is another format we recognise. So we decode from base 64 again and get:


so this looks like a url, we’ll add that to the browser and it brings us up a login form. Nothing we can really do anything with with no credentials, but we take the form data and add it to sqlmap as a parameter:

I used this to grab content from various tables, and this one was the jackpot:

Database: Webapp Table: Users

id username password
1 frodo iwilltakethering
2 smeagol MyPreciousR00t
3 aragorn AndMySword
4 legolas AndMyBow
5 gimli AndMyAxe

I tried smeagol just because it contained the word root, so not sure what the others do, but it logged in straight away:

I enumerated the OS and found an exploit for it here: https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/37292/

and executed it to get root:

Written on January 2, 2017