Climecloud - A text-only weather website

A text-based lightweight weather website for modern feature phones

My main phone is a Nokia 2660 which does most of what I need. I use for text-based news, the only things really missing are weather and very occasionally I miss maps. (My Nokia 8000 provides these features, but suffers the slight downside of being the worst phone I’ve ever had to suffer so it sits forgotten in a drawer)

I decided to create a text-based weather site for the device so that I can check conditions without having to just risk it. It is designed to use minimal button presses or user input, load quickly and fit on a 240x320 resolution screen.

Around 3 hours later I’ve now got which is now saved on my mobile.

It was created using ruby on rails, but saves user settings in a cookie as logging in etc would involve too many button presses, so the app doesn’t need a database at all or store any user data in the backend.

The initial version works well and does everything I need for now. If I find myself missing features or spotting bugs I’ll update it, but I’m trying to avoid any scope-creep or extra complexity due to its initial mission to be easy to use for feature phones.

Written on February 28, 2024